New Women’s Health Hub for Melbourne’s west

With roughly 50% of the population being female, it’s astounding how much modern medicine is driven by and directed towards our male counterparts. The signs for heart attack, for example, can differ between the sexes, yet most individuals only know the classic warning signs for men. As heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, it’s safe to say the disease lacks a sex bias. While the health of all Australians is crucial to our families, our work, and the economy, it would be a mistake to apply uniform healthcare to everyone. Our bodies are different requiring specialised care at various life milestones. That’s why we’ve opened Women’s Health Hub on Melbourne’s westside to provide comprehensive outpatient medical care spanning the entire life cycle.

New Women’s Wellness Centre for Melbourne West

This new women’s wellness centre near Hoppers Crossing is a modernised facility staffed with a team of GPs and specialists who’ve trained and have had experience with the latest medical advances and treatments. We’re committed to supporting women throughout all life’s stages by providing integrated services under one roof. Instead of going to one office for your GP, another for your gynaecologist (only to be transferred to a different office for obstetrician services upon pregnancy), and yet another office to talk to a specialist, save time when you get all your needs met at Women’s Health Hub. From menstruation to menopause and everything in between, this women’s wellness centre near Werribee is with you every step of the way.

We aren’t some sterile facility with detached providers who read from a chart and never give eye contact. You’ll be joining the Women’s Health Hub community where a long healthy life is attained through compassion, quality care, prevention, timely treatment, and evaluation of outcomes. This is best facilitated by a team of collaborating medical professionals working together to monitor your care and progress. Driven by the belief that every individual is unique, we respect that you know your body. This conviction makes us excel at listening to our patients, working together to find the source of concern, and implementing practical and informed treatments. We offer consultation and services on a wide range of medical concerns including mental health, fertility, STIs, nutrition, podiatry, diabetes management, and plastic/reconstructive surgery.

Women’s Health Hub for the Whole Family

Women’s Health Hub is a women’s wellness centre for Point Cook families. Our providers see men and children, we’re available for weekend and evening appointments, and follow-up services — such as imaging — are mere meters away. Needing care outside our listed services or hours is no problem; we are affiliated with Hopper’s Lane General Practice and the specialists at Wyndham Private. This gives your access to another 50+ professionals covering more than 40 specialties and ensures you’re never without the top-quality support you and your family deserves. Call today for an appointment and continue your life’s journey with comprehensive medical support designed to keep you healthy and strong throughout each stage of life.