Teaching young women about sexual health

It’s imperative to be as educated as possible when it comes to your sexual health, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many girls and young women. There are many reasons young women don’t receive the sexual health educations they need and just as many things we can change to ensure that girls know everything they need to know about keeping themselves healthy and safe. Here are some things we can do to make a difference in the lives of young women all over Australia.

Provide (good) sex education in schools

Not all schools teach sex education and not all the ones that do teach it well. There are still schools that teach an abstinence-only curriculum even though it’s basically useless considering that a staggering percentage of high school students are not abstinent. This type of curriculum means that students miss out on lots of vital information about their health, such as recognising the symptoms of an STD or how to prevent contracting one in the first place.

Remove the stigma from the topic of STDs

Another problem that prevents girls from taking care of their health is the stigma and shame that surround STDs, even though STDs are prevalent. The lack of education keeps many people in the dark, and their fear of the unknown can prevent them from getting the medical advice and care they need. When you see a women’s GP in Werribee at Women’s Health Hub, you’ll see that there’s nothing embarrassing about having an STD – the important thing is to obtain treatment, inform partners, and take preventive measures going forward.

Teach girls about their anatomy at a younger age

Did you know that women are more vulnerable to contracting STDs than men are? That’s why it’s so important to educate girls on how to prevent them, how to recognise symptoms, the importance of regular screening, and when to seek medical care. We can teach girls the proper names for their sexual organs, how their bodies work, and more – removing the mystery from the female anatomy is a meaningful way to remove the shame and secrecy that surrounds it, and this will help girls feel more comfortable talking with a women’s GP in Point Cook about any issues they may experience.

Where to find a women’s doctor in Point Cook

It’s of the utmost importance that we start making sure that girls and young women get the facts about their sexual health. If you’re looking for a women’s doctor in Point Cook, Women’s Health Hub can help. We are a new health service with a largely female staff who focus on women’s health issues and welcome young girls and women who need a women’s doctor in the Werribee area. We also serve those looking for a women’s doctor in Hoppers Crossing. We are dedicated to patient education and helping women make the best possible choices for their bodies and their lives. It’s never too late to get the facts – contact us today to book an appointment.