Wyndham GP helps women demystify and manage menopause

Let’s face it; despite all of us going through it, most of us don’t know anything about menopause until it arrives. Seeped in mystery and often vilified, most women go through their fertile years with a vague notion that suddenly our periods will cease. Instead of being excited for a new chapter in life – one that marks the end of those pesky periods – we are filled with fear based on reports from older generations on how horribly uncomfortable the transition was. It’s often framed as an end to sexual desire, desirability, and woman’s sense of wellbeing altogether. This outdated sentiment could not be further from the truth. The menopause specialist at Melbourne West’s Women’s Health Hub is committed to educating and supporting our patients through this physiological and emotional transition. We demystify the hormonal changes occurring in your body while monitoring your overall health while helping you get through the transition as comfortably as possible.

Relief from Menopause Specialist near Hopper’s Crossing

Menopause is characterised as a cessation of ovarian function. This requires a change in your hormonal chemistry that can produce discomforting symptoms including heat flashes, weight gain, vaginal dryness, moodiness, sleep problems, thinning hair and/or shrinking breasts. The horror stories from generations past (who did not understand what was happening) have become too ingrained. It doesn’t help that, for lack of prior understanding or expectation, classic menopause symptomology can be startling and uncomfortable. Additionally, women differ in their timing and symptomologies thus creating more uncertainty. Telling you that menopause is nothing to dread or be afraid of isn’t enough.

Our menopause specialist for Hoppers Crossing and surrounding communities connects with members 45+ to properly prepare and then provide insights with assistance throughout this natural process. “Think of it as a second puberty,” our menopause specialist said to a Point Cook resident. While we get our periods on one day, puberty is a process; and so is menopause. In fact, classified after 12 consecutive months without menstruation, menopause is the end, not the beginning, of this transitional time.

During the time leading up to menopause, perimenopause, the body’s hormones are fluctuating as they adjust to accommodate your ovarian retirement. These fluctuations create the unpleasant symptoms once thought to be an unavoidable side-effect of the process. Modern medicine has provided solutions to combat the discomforts this period of hormonal imbalance can bring. The menopause specialist near Werribee at Women’s Health Hub will walk you through your options going over physiological, biochemical, and behavioural approaches geared toward keeping you healthy and comfortable.

Comprehensive Care from Women’s Health Hub

The new Women’s Health Hub is affiliated with the high quality care of Hopper’s Lane General Practice and Wyndham Private. Our on-site network of GPs and specialists create a collaborative treatment team that partners with you throughout your life’s journey. Call today to see how you can get all your health concerns addressed under one roof. From paediatrics into menstruation and through menopause, Women’s Health Hub will be by your side with compassionate care backed by the latest in modern medicine.