Siles Health provides specialised services for women’s health including Ultrasound, Genetic Counselling, Fetal Cardiology and Pathology Collection, plus more.

There are four main areas where we are offering the highest levels of service.

We take client service seriously and our staff are trained to deal with most situations we encounter. It’s important for our clients to feel secure and comfortable and for the referring doctor to feel confident their patient is receiving the best treatment and available.

Improvement & Research
There are advancements in treatment, scanning techniques and updates and Siles Health is at the forefront of this technology. We encourage clinical research and keep abreast of changes in best practice by contributing and monitoring with our associates nationally and internationally.

Our People
The most challenging part of our service is finding the right people with the highest standards. We have become experts at finding staff that can look after clients and referring doctors with the right technical knowhow, attitude and an understanding that we are here to serve.

At Siles Health we are endeavouring to offer top level screening services across Melbourne and regional Victoria. We are growing to include as many main centres as possible so clients have easier access to this type of medical service.

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